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Window Tinting in Tucson

Window tinting for your car, home, or business makes a world of a difference with many practical benefits especially for us here in Southern Arizona. If you’re looking to block harmful UV rays from taking a toll and ready to save serious cash on AC costs, this is the affordable solution for you. Affordable Window Tinting is Tucson’s #1 trusted source for automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting. As leaders in window tinting services for over 20 years, We have the expertise, technology, and skilled technicians to deliver a superior product at the best price.

The Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

Car Tint

Driving Safety –

We have all dealt with the intense rush hour sun rays beaming into our eyes right before sunset. Many drivers simply do their best to squint see through the glare, but window tinting can cut through that brightness. Drive safer with less glare with professional automotive tinting.

Extra Protection –

Did you know that window tinting makes your vehicle’s windows stronger? It’s true. Your windows will fare much better in an accident or when objects strike the glass. Safety from glare and brightness and extra window strength helps keep you and your passengers safer.

Privacy –

Perhaps the main reason so many invest in window tinting is to avoid awkward or even dangerous moments with other drivers on the road. We all enjoy our privacy, so when someone decides to stare at you at a stoplight, it’s just plain uncomfortable. Plus, you can keep your belongings safer with tinting that obscures the view of thieves. Avoid all that with a sleek window tinting upgrade.

Interior Protection –

Window tinting blocks 99% of UV rays so your vehicle’s upholstery, dash, and other materials avoid undue wear and tear. Keep interior plastic, trim, and upholstery longer and stronger with top-quality window tinting. This is especially important for those of us who often park in uncovered areas!

Energy Savings –

Winding tinting is the evergreen solution for cutting back on air conditioning usage. Plus, and perhaps more importantly, your vehicle stays cooler when you are parked. We’ve all been there, you open up your car door after seeing an afternoon matinee and it’s like opening a blazing oven. Instead of getting smacked with a hot ball of air, invest in pro window tinting so your vehicle stays cool.

Staying Healthy –

The old trucker’s tan isn’t the best look. You know the one. Your left arm is burnt to a crisp up to your sleeve while the right arm is perfectly normal. No one wants to get scalded driving around town, yet in Arizona, that’s exactly what happens when you don’t protect yourself. Keep your driving arm cool and safe from harmful UV rays with a great auto window tint.

Looking Great –

Besides the numerous practical benefits of automotive window tinting, the reality is that it just looks good. the tint film improves the appearance of your car giving it that classy feel. Not only will your car, truck, or SUV  be cooler, it will look cooler too!

Let’s Talk Cost

Professional tints costs depend on the size of your vehicle, the number of windows needed to be tinted, and the quality of the tinting selected. For example, many professional charge about $30-$60 per window in a vehicle with discounts for the whole vehicle. Using a basic tint for the whole vehicle may cost about $120 at the lowest end and up to about $500 for the highest quality and most heat-resistant tinting. Affordable Window Tinting offers many different types of automotive tinting so you can select the style and quality that’s just right for you.

What About tints for home windows?

Home tint

Having the windows for your home done is a fantastic investment that will save you serious money on electricity costs, cut down on annoying glares, and protect your home from damaging UV rays. At Affordable Window Tinting in Tucson, we carry a full line of residential films that can protect you and your home from the solar heat and ultra-violet rays. With a wide variety of different window films to choose from, your home will look great and stay cool in the summer heat. We offer free estimates to guide you through what is available to ensure you make the right choice. Plus, home window tinting is a tax write-off!

Here are some benefits of tinted windows for your home:

Reduce problematic sunlight and heat

Protection for your home interior and your possessions

Reduce energy costs (Film is a tax credit! Ask us how!)

Enhance safety by adding a layer of lamination to the glass

How Much does it cost for window tinting a home?

The typical cost for residential window tinting is between $5-$8 per square foot. As you might imagine, the overall cost for tinting your home will depend on how many windows you need tinted, the sizes of the windows, and any other special considerations or unique needs. Furthermore, there are a variety of tinting styles and levels of quality to choose from. That being said, the average cost for comprehensive home tinting runs at around $500-$1000. However, we encourage you to call us directly with specific pricing questions or set up a free, no-obligation estimate for the cost of your home tinting job.

Why Choose Affordable Window Tinting in Tucson

Affordable Window Tinting

We have been serving satisfied customers in Southern Arizona for over 20 years. We are very proud of our reputation for quick, affordable, and top-quality service, just browse through our scores of 5-star reviews from excited Affordable Window Tinting customers! Again and again, people rave about our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable technicians. Above all, our customers love the fantastic results for their vehicles–as well as residential and commercial windows. So when you’re looking for the best team to help you with your window tinting project, give us a call. Stay cool and look cool with the perfect tint!

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