Security Window Film Installation In Tucson


When operating a business in Tucson or anywhere else in the world, a big concern is always security. An effective way of increasing the security of your business is by getting security window film installation done. This will help protect you further against theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. When something or someone strikes a window, it may shatter. However, with security window film it will keep the window in place. Leaving the floor free of dangerous glass shards. With Affordable Window Tinting on the job we'll make sure your windows are protected top to bottom.

Verizon Store front with Security Window Film installed
Security Window Film Installation
Louis Vuitton Store front with Window Security Film installed by Affordable Window Tinting.

How Security Window Film Works

When you have security window film installation done by Affordable Window Tinting, you'll have a similar protection to how windshields are protected in cars. When a rock hits the glass a hole could be made, but the overall glass will remain intact. This is done by taking two pieces of glass with a PVB layer in between. This will all be glued together under a pressure tank referred to as an autoclave. Security Film used for store fronts can be looked at as an aftermarket version of laminated glass application.

The Pros of Security Window Film Installation In Tucson

There are a few benefits of having security window film installation for your store fronts. Below is a list of the best reasons to get your windows protected.

  • Security: A major benefit is how much stronger security window film makes a window. To break through a window with this protection, it would require extra repeated force. If the window manages to break. The film will hold it in place, helping to eliminate injury with the shards of glass.
  • Shatterproof: These windows will be difficult to shatter. Even if that is accomplished the film holds it all in place. Eliminated chances of injury and making the clean up process much easier.
  • Privacy: A great option you have with security window film is the privacy you can get. This can help keep burglars from scoping out your business through windows for something enticing. Something a lot of burglars have been known to do. We'll also offer decorative film to go with it if needed.
  • Visibility: We can help you get the security you need for your windows as well as controlling how much light will be allowed in. Studies have found that the amount of light allowed into a room can directly affect the productivity of everyone inside. Controlling how much light can shine in can be very useful for your business.
Commercial Security Window Film Installed

How is Security Window Film Installation Done in Tucson?

Many look to security window film to help with security and privacy, but not many know exactly how the installation is done. If you're in the Tucson area give Affordable Window Tinting A call. We'll make sure the installation is done properly. Let's begin with explaining how this process is done. The first step will be to measure the window and cut the film to fit edge to edge. The security window film will be decided with you prior to the installation process. The type of film chosen will determine whether you only want it for security purposes or if design is something you're considering. We'll help you find the perfect look for your store front windows. Some will only provide security and be shatterproof. While other films used will also assist in the design of your store front. Once the film is cut to fit, some adhesive will be used to help the film stick to the window. Our professionals will make sure no creases or air bubbles are left after installation.

Tucson Commercial Security Window Film Installation done to an office building.

How To Keep Security Window Film Clean

Keeping your windows clean is a constant chore all businesses have to deal with. Many in Tucson wonder if there's any special process to cleaning a window with security window film installed. The answer is that it's not much different from cleaning any other window. Below are steps to keeping your security window film clean.

  1. Get a spray bottle and fill it up with a solution of mild soap and water. You'll be able to use this to spray direction onto the window.
  2. Once the window has been sprayed, you can use a damp sponge to help spread the soapy water around. You will then use the same sponge it's been rinsed, to rinse the window. Remember to rinse out the sponge after a few wipe downs of the window.
  3. In this next step you can use a squeegee from the top of the window to the bottom. This will help push off all the water down. Remind yourself to wipe down the squeegee after every stroke.
  4. The last step is just to wipe down the window and the sill. It's best to use a soft towel for this.

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