Auto Tint Tucson

Tinting for your Vehicle

You can afford the best auto tint Tucson has seen in over 20 years! We offer quality film products and combine computer cutting technology that allows you to be confident in choosing AWT as the right choice for your vehicle. We carry a variety of film options from LLumar Automotive Films and Prestige Film Technologies. LLumar Automotive Films is a nationally known brand with exceptional film selection and a name proven in the business for their products. Prestige Film Technologies is an exclusive film brand using unique properties in their film that results in outstanding performance. Depending on your preference and budget, we can help choose the best solution for your automotive glass needs.


ATC Series

Our LLumar ATC Series is a premium dyed film that integrates performance and value. Up to 47% heat rejection and 99% ultraviolet protection. You control the film darkness with multiple shades to choose from to give a sleek appearance to your vehicle. Along with LLumar’s Manufacturer-backed warranty for assurance on color stability and other material defects.*

ATR Series

Our LLumar ATR Series is a high performing metalized film. Exceptional heat rejection and up to 63% and 99% ultraviolet protection. Choice of darkness and LLumar’s trusted warranty against material defects is included to ensure a great addition to your vehicle.*

CTX Series

Our LLumar CTX Series is a superior choice that offers premium benefits. Its ceramic construction rejects up to 60% of heat, offers 99% ultraviolet protection, and no signal interference. Feel free (as you should!) using all you electronic devices (mobile, phone, GPS, Keyless entry, satellite radio) without worry. CTX Series includes LLumar’s Manufacture warranty against material failure.*

AIR Series

Our LLumar AIR Series was made to filter heat and provide protection, yet allows all visible light to shine through. Ideal choice for anyone looking for the essentials that film provides, but not having a dark appearance. Remarkable clarity and versatile to apply on all automotive glass, front to back. Up to 43% heat rejection and 99% ultraviolet protection. LLumar Manufacture warranty included.*


CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic Series

Our Ceraluxe Series utilizes quantum science to integrate Nano-IR technology to work with pure-ceramic substrates to accomplish high visible light transmission and solar rejection. It makes it much easier to shrink heat than other ceramic products on the market today. This product also means no "ghosting imprints" from heat shrinking the film.


Our Spectra PhotoSync Series is a unique film using the most advanced technology to give your automotive glass unbelievable benefits. Prestige Films utilizes Solar Adaptive Coating, which causes the film to naturally adjust its solar energy rejecting capabilities depending on the sun’s intensity. 99.5% ultraviolet protection and up to 79% heat rejection. A truly extraordinary film series to invest in for your vehicle. Manufacture warranty to guard against material failure.*

*certain restrictions apply

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